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Published by Naseem Khan at April 19th, 2018

Travelling is a hobby most of us like to engage in. It allows us to explore novel areas of a country where we will be exposed to exciting cultures and environments that are different from the areas we live in. Experiencing new cuisines is one of the more thrilling aspects of travelling as it truly helps you to get an insight into the natural produce and ingredients in the respective area along with different types of dishes that the locality enjoys.

Despite the adventurous elements that travelling entails, we must not deny the safety precautions that ought to be taken. When you’re in a new city, you need to ensure that your travel and identification documents need to be kept secure and by your side wherever you are. If you’re visiting our hotel in Al Barsha from a different country, you need to keep your passport securely and in a way in which you’ll never misplace it as it could lead to unnecessary complications if you end up losing it.

The safe that we have provided our guests with in each of the rooms is the ideal place for you to keep all your valuables safe, such as any expensive watches or jewelry and your travel documents, whenever you go out to town. Our staff is completely trustworthy and we assure that only our guests will have access to these safes.
If you’re looking to drive to our hotel in Barsha Heights in your own car or vehicle, we have a designated area for our in-house guests to give you a secure place for parking without you having to constantly worry about finding alternative transport or about any damage that could happen to your vehicle.

Travelling with children too entails a special risk and you need to make sure at all times that the area that your child spends time in is safe. Our staff will commit themselves to protecting your little ones whenever they’re outside their rooms. While dining at our restaurant, you could request a special baby seat which is higher than the usual chairs available so that your child can dine comfortably and you could feed them easily too. In the bedroom you could request a cot to ensure that your child is secure while they sleep.
It is essential that you take these factors in to consideration before you travel as they will make your stay more convenient, hassle free and most of all, safe!