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Published by Naseem Khan at April 26th, 2018

With an oasis of palm trees and stunning landscapes, Saudi Arabia is a beautiful holiday destination. It attracts tourists from around the world wanting to get a glimpse into the magnificent place. The weather is pretty consistent all year round if you are wondering when is the best time to visit and experience the luxuries that Saudi Arabia offers.

When looking for a good location that provides comfortable and convenient accommodation, there is nothing better than Somewhere Hotel Al Ahsa – Bliss. With super comfy beds, high quality linen, coffee stations, flat screen TV and high speed Wi-Fi, the hotel provides the best of room service to make your stay enjoyable, refreshing and the perfect modern choice.

With an in-house restaurant serving delicious dishes and delicacies, enjoy authentic Arabic and Continental cuisine. There is an open breakfast buffet every morning with an experienced chef who will cater to you the best food that will sizzle your taste buds. Holidaying in Saudi Arabia means you get to indulge in their traditional fare such as Fatir, Hawayij, Kapsa, Kimaje, rice and yogurt drink. There is an a la carte menu, snacks and a large selection of refreshing beverages. Guests can also order room service if you prefer to stay in and enjoy some light entertainment on cable television.

Saudi Arabia is a vibrant city, rich in attractions and a stirring symbolism. Our hotel in Al Ahsa will provide you with all the comfort and luxury while you see the city. It is the land of beauty and great people. Al Ahsa is a place of archaeological sites and historical civilization. Guests can spend an interesting holiday amongst fascinating nature, visiting historical mountains, giant caves and get a chance to get to know the heritage through geological time periods and continental shifts. It provides an opportunity to learn and get a glimpse of this magnificent Kingdom.

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