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Published by Naseem Khan at May 28th, 2018

Somewhere Boutique Hotel Vouliagmeni in Greece is the perfect location for either your next vacation or your business trip. The hotel will facilitate all your needs depending on the purpose for which you are at the hotel. Our hotel in Vouliagmeni is situated in a beautiful location overlooking the beautiful sea in Greece. If you are at the hotel for a vacation, nothing would be better than a hotel situated by a breathtaking beach, where you can have a dip in the ocean in the evenings. If you are visiting for business purposes, it would still feel like a vacation at our hotel, because of the surrounding and the nature of the hotel.

There are deluxe rooms and suites you can choose from, where you will have all the facilities you need for your stay with us. The rooms consist of attractive furniture, a flat screen television, coffee and tea making facilities and a clean, modern bathroom.

Our hotel consists of a spa and a swimming pool where you can spend your time relaxing after going on a journey exploring the country. The spa and gym are designed in a way to make customers feel like they truly feel the spirit of the holiday, and our staff will cater to everything you want.

If you are at the hotel for a business purpose, you can easily conduct your meetings in the comfort of your room itself, where you can use the flat screen television for your presentations, and you can impress the guests with the comfort of doing business in a luxurious hotel room.

Regardless of whether you are in Greece for vacation or business, the country has a lot of places you should explore during your stay. You will be fascinated by what the country has to offer, which you will not be able to witness anywhere else in the world. Ranging from beautiful castles to historical caves, the country will leave you speechless.
At our hotel in Vouliagmeni you can enjoy an excellent a la carte menu, which will satisfy your taste buds. Or you can simply enjoy a cocktail by the pool observing the beauty of the nature and the comfort of the hotel. If you are too tired to go out of your room, you can sit on the comfortable sofa and enjoy a hot cup of coffee, in the comfort of ultimate luxury.