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Exploring The Greek Islands

Published by Naseem Khan at February 6th, 2018

Greece has significant territory spread across hundreds of islands. Many visitors spend months exploring this historical and fascinating country. Some islands are famous for its natural features and others are famous for its islands. There is a strong cultural tradition and significant nightlife. The islands can be grouped into clusters and many of them are inhabited. Yet, there are smaller islands with no one living on them at all.

With a fairly laid-back culture, Greece emphasizes on enjoying life to the fullest. Some islands have a strong tourist culture and this dictates the encounters you are likely to have with people who speak in English. The dramatic and distinctive scenery is mostly due to the volcanic islands on many of the clustered groups. Greece contains stunning villages that make it one of the most romantic travel destinations in the world.
There are 168 Greek islands that are currently inhabited and located in Ionian and Aegean seas. However, there are 8 main island groups to be found amongst these. The largest Greek island is Crete and it draws the most number of tourists. Corfu, Zante and Kefalonia are also popular destinations.

There are airports on some of the larger islands and international flights are accepted in Corfu and Rhodes. However, if you plan to explore different islands in several regions you can travel economically by ferry. There are plenty of ferry companies serving these islands because of the largeness of the area. The boat rides are by no means short as some journeys by ferry can take a few hours.

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