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The Ultimate Travel Guide To Vouliagmeni

Published by Naseem Khan at February 28th, 2018

Greece is incredibly beautiful with its distinct architecture, ocean landscapes and delectable food. It is also a very affordable place to travel to and enjoy a fantastic holiday. It is one of the most popular continents in Europe during summer with its famous islands and rich history. People from all parts of the globe flock to Athens, Greece.

Where To Stay

One of the best and the most affordable and comfortable accommodations can be found at Somewhere Boutique Hotel Vouliagmeni. Our amenities include a private and super comfy bedroom, flat screen television, free Wi-Fi, coffee station and modern bathrooms. There are plenty of room types to pick from depending on whether you are traveling alone or with a group. There is the Deluxe Riviera Suite, the Superior Riviera Guesthouse, the Classic Corporate Room. You can also book the Grand Rooftop Penthouse, and you can be certain you will find the best available rates.

What To Eat

Greece is known for its delicious dishes. Think fresh vegetables, grilled meats, seafood, feta cheese, bread and yoghurt – the staples of a delectable Mediterranean diet. You can enjoy both indoor and outdoor dining areas, and order food from an a la carte menu alongside a comprehensive selection of beverages. Visitors can munch on light snacks or order room service while lounging on the most relaxing bed and watching cable television.

What To Do

Athens is a vibrant city that captures the hearts of millions of visitors. Its architecture is engraved by Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman civilizations. It is a center for history, arts and culture. Whether you visit the National Gardens, historical sites or explore Anafiotika for hidden gems, Greece is a country with much to do.

The Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Athens is all year round. However, to elaborate it is better from November to March, in what is known as low season. The historical sites are mostly free from the millions of people who otherwise flock to it.