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Enjoying Hospitality In Dubai

Published by Naseem Khan at April 12th, 2018

When investing in travel, most of us are concerned about the type of stay we’d get to experience. While safety is the primary factor that most of us look into, it is also essential that we pick out a place that will provide us with exclusive service, giving us our money’s worth while enjoying the true beauty of Deira.

With the facility of being picked up from the airport, our hotel in Deira will treat you like royalty from the moment you commence your vacation with us! Our rooms are decorated in such a way that it contains all the necessary facilities which includes a complete personalized kitchenette, a safety deposit box to store all your valuables, speedy free WIFI access and complimentary tea and coffee making services. If you’re looking to engage in some work during your trip, you could use the spacious work table in your room while sipping coffee whenever you want. The ability to access WIFI too will help you stay in touch with your colleagues and to communicate while working.

You could choose the bed you desire according to the number of people you wish to stay with. Each bed is comforted with luxurious bedding and linen which is regularly changed and could be changed daily too upon request and additional fee. If you feel bored or have brought along a couple of your favorite DVDs or are simply looking to follow the daily news, you could watch this on the flat screen TVs that will be available for use in your rooms. You also have the chance to pick out the view that you’ll be able to indulge in from your bedroom, if you’re looking to take a couple of photos against the picturesque scenery.

Our gym is fully equipped with the latest equipment, where you will be able to work out as you would on a regular basis, without worrying about putting on weight over the vacation. If you’re looking to take a dip in our cool and refreshing pool, you could do so throughout the day and stay rejuvenated and bright despite the blazing heat. Our dining facilities are nothing but finesse on a plate. Our authentic Mediterranean restaurant is dedicated to providing you with mouth-watering delicacies in all forms of dining.

So the next time you’re in Dubai, you know where to stay!