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Why Choose Somewhere?

Published by Naseem Khan at February 28th, 2018

Situated to the north of Dubai Creek, Deira is the old center of Dubai and one of the most important places of the city due to its commercial character. Somewhere Hotel Apartment is located in the heart of Deira, being the center for a cluster of attractions. If you plan to visit Deira to enjoy all these attractions, you can have a comfortable stay at our hotel with all its amenities.
Deira is perfectly connected to Bur Dubai thanks to the traditional boats known as “Abras”;, which allow you to cross Dubai Creek in a very economical way.


Gold Market: Hundreds of shops from where you can buy gold jewellery for a good price. The streets will also offer you clocks and other articles of dubious origin.

Spice Market: The unmistakable aroma of seasoning and perfumes is the best way to immerse yourself in the essence of ancient Dubai.

Al Mamzar Beach Park: This pleasant green space has a number of facilities and one of the best beaches in the city.

Heritage House: Built in the late 19th century, this former residence of a wealthy pearl dealer reflects the city’s historical past.

Al-Ahmadiya School: Originally from 1912, it was the first school in Dubai and has been restored to show its aspect of the past.

If you are planning your next tour to Dubai, you shouldn’t miss the stay at Somewhere Hotel Apartment, which tops the list among the best hotels in Deira.