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How Do You Pick Out The Ideal Room For Your Hotel Stay?

Published by Naseem Khan at April 3rd, 2018

We come to a point where we are stuck between which rooms to book when we flip through the options on a website. How do we decide which room to opt for? Which room will address our needs in the best manner?


It is essential to reason out as to why you’re taking this trip. Our hotel in Al Ahsa Saudi Arabia provides a range of rooms, each designed to house different number of guests who are vacationing with us for individual purposes. The executive studio suites, being one of our lower priced rooms are especially reserved for those guests who wish to discuss business while enjoying their stay. These rooms are equipped with a complete kitchenette, high speed Wi-Fi to ensure that business meetings run smoothly and you have easy access to online communication and research, and flat screen TVs to play your presentations in a larger screen or simply for your post work entertainment and relation.

Number of Guests

You need to know how many people you’re travelling with. For example, if you’re travelling with your family and want to enjoy the very best of Al Ahsa, it is highly recommended to book the Presidential Two Bedroom Suite, where you and your spouse could enjoy one luxurious bedroom, and your children could have a room to themselves. You could bond in the spacious living room over a hot cup of coffee made from our complimentary tea and coffee making facilities provided for you in each suite.

If you’re planning to travel with your extended family and are looking to enjoy nothing but the royal comforts our hotel has to offer, our Royal Two Bedroom Suite will not disappoint you. It is home to a beautiful garden view where you could enjoy the scenic plush greenery around you. There is also a spacious desk if you want to work along with your family members or if you’re travelling with your work colleague’s family and you were looking forward to working during your stay.

Safety and Convenience

If you’re looking to travel throughout your stay, it is essential that you ensure your valuables are safely locked up. Our rooms at the Somewhere Hotel Apartment Al Ahsa provide you with safety deposit boxes where you could store your valuables when you’re not at the hotel and out exploring the town. If not for this facility, you would be constantly worried while being out and will not be able to thoroughly enjoy yourself free of stress.