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Published by Naseem Khan at May 14th, 2018

Are you always looking for a new experience? Do you want to visit somewhere you haven’t been to? Saudi Arabia is an ideal option for you, because the country opened to tourists recently, and has a lot to offer. You will enjoy an unforgettable new experience.

Wouldn’t it be the perfect holiday, if you get to visit a Kingdom? Saudi Arabia is a Kingdom. There are many luxurious hotels in Saudi Arabia that you can choose from. But it is only Somewhere Hotel in Al Ahsa that will treat you like royalty. You would be able to tell everyone that you spent your holiday in a Kingdom and was treated like a King.
Our hotel is an ideal location for either a vacation with your family or a business meeting. We have a wide range of rooms you can choose from according to your needs. These rooms have luxurious features that will entertain you while you stay with us. Our in-house restaurant offers a buffet service to the guests, where you can eat as you want. Our chefs will be willing and happy to prepare you meals of your own liking. We aim to make our customers happy, and make them realize they made a good decision by choosing to stay with us.

When you travel to a foreign country, an exciting activity is eating the local food. You can have that experience at our restaurant. You do not have to worry about gaining weight, because we provide a solution for that. You can visit our gym or the swimming pool to burn away all the calories you ate during your stay with us. Our gym consists of all the equipment you need to engage in your workout. Our swimming pool is situated in a perfect location, where you can get your holiday tan on.

From our hotel in Al Ahsa you can easily visit many famous places to see in the Kingdom. You can even talk to us and arrange transport to visit these places.
Come enjoy your stay in a Kingdom, and be treated like the King/Queen that you are.