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Published by Naseem Khan at May 7th, 2018

You might face a crisis when trying to decide the best room for your vacation. It is vital to choose the most suitable room because you will be spending a few days here and you will expect a relaxing vacation for the money you pay.

The first thing you need to consider is the purpose of visiting the hotel. The type of room you are looking for will change depending on whether it is a holiday trip or a business trip. The Executive Studio Suites, at our hotel in Al Ahsa are priced relatively lower, and are ideal for people visiting the city for business purposes. This room will make you feel like you are on vacation even though you are on a business trip.  These rooms have televisions and internet access, which are essential for business meetings. You can conduct the meeting with your clients in the comfort of your own room.

Next you need to consider with whom you will be travelling. If you are travelling alone it is an easy task for you to book a room according to your liking. However, if you are travelling with your family, you need to consider what they want before deciding on the room. For instance, you can opt for the Presidential Two Bedroom Suite, where you and your spouse can enjoy one room and your kids can have the other. This room is especially designed for families, and it will make everyone happy. You and your kids can spend time together in the common living room, where you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the evening with the free coffee and tea making ingredients and equipment we provide in every room.

If you are travelling with a few more people than just the family, or if it is a business trip with your work colleagues the Royal Two Bedroom Suite is an ideal option for you, where you can enjoy your time together in the common living room area.

Don’t spend hours and hours flipping through different websites of different hotels trying to find the perfect room for your stay. We, at Somewhere Hotel Al Ahsa, offer a wide variety of rooms you can choose from according to your needs.